Berghain Mdma pill


Logo Front: Berghain
Logo Back: None
Break line: Yes
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 10mm x 8mm
Thickness: 3mm
Assumed active ingredient: MDMA
Active ingredient content: ~ 280mg

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MDMA Berghain pill For Sale

Buy Berghain Mdma pill ship discreetly.

Buy Berghain Mdma pill ship discreetly It was only a matter of time before the smart chemists would take advantage of the best club pill in the world for their own purposes. A Light blue Berghain Mdma pill for sale is currently in circulation, which made the rounds for the first time as part of the Garlics Festival in Poland and surprised many people. Because the Light blue pill with a break line is attractive. Which was initially taken up as a marketing promotion can now be seen more often with XTC pills. The Buy Berghain Mdma pill ship discreetly which is also charming, contained ground iron filings, which, however, are harmless in this relatively small mixture.


Buy Berghain MDMA pill causes the body’s own messenger substance mood to be released in the brain (triggering feelings of happiness) and at the same time avoids the interest of mood in the body’s own memory. To a lesser extent, the drug also causes the release of pleasure and helps break down fat  (higher performance). The range of activity of speed – results, depending on the starting material be different:

With MDMA, MDA rather drive-enhancing and overjoyed, at MDE, MDEA a rather dampening and psychedelic. Usually you feel relaxed, less inhibited and have the feeling of experiencing everything more intensely. The range of effects includes ecstasy, increase of feelings, understanding, increased willingness to contact, improved self-examination  (self-observation), increased communication skills, disinhibition, increased self-confidence, increased trust, reduced anxiety, etc.

The effect is also very dependent on individual factors (e.g., mental state, mood or personality, intention of taking, expected drug effect, physical condition) as well as the external environment, i.e., the psychological and the social context of drug use.


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